Manchester is Red!

Manchester is known for being a city that is considered behind the times, and much less stylish or attractive than other cities such as London. I personally believe that Manchester is the most beautiful and inspiring city within the United Kingdom. There is one dividing aspect within the city of Manchester when it comes to designs, however. This main aspect would be colour. As is obvious by this blog, I am a red in every sense of the word. I am a Manchester United fan, and I am in love with the colour red, which is why I created this blog post to begin with. However, the other half of the city is “Blue”, because of their support of Man City. Football is so passionate and important within the city that it defines entire generations and the preferences of furniture, colour and even food at times just for the sake of their football club.

I will always be a red lover, despite the fact you may think I am whining about the colour! My love for my football club is what first attracted me to the colour red, and it became my favourite colour throughout the rest of my life. Now that I have become both a builder and a home decorator of sorts, I am now using the inspiration and love that I have for the colour red to help create innovative and elegant styles within the homes that I build and renovate. There are so many furniture, paint and design options for every room and home, that the colour red can be suitable for any type of room within a home. The colour red is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even the living room depending on the use – or even overuse – in the room itself.

One of my favourite uses for the colour red when decorating a home is for the use of the kitchen. A black and red colour combination inside a kitchen can make the home look elegant, but also give the hint of a clean kitchen that is comfortable and welcoming for both the home owners and guests that visit the home itself. It is also a modern and contemporary colour combination within kitchen these days, especially when combining the combination with glass table and kitchen tops. The glass gives it an additionally striking and attractive overall look within the room itself.

Red is also a useful colour for a living room if you are looking for a darker, or more distinctive feel within the home. Whether it be the red and black combination, or even a white and black combination, it gives a colour combination of two opposites that are both striking for separate reasons. The red and white combination gives the living room a “Strawberries and Cream” look, while the black and red colour combination looks like a “Black Forrest Gateau” look. Both colour styles provide the homes living room with a look that is literally tasteful, while also being enjoyable and attractive to look at.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. If you get the chance, please read through the posts that I have made in the last week or so, and make sure to read some of the posts that we will be creating in the future weeks! I have had a great time writing these posts, and I hope you have had a great time reading them!

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