Red loft conversions!

One of the biggest uses of the colour red is with loft and basement conversions. I mainly work as a builder with a loft conversion Manchester based company, but I often work as a freelancer with multiple other companies as an interior decorator. As I have discussed in my most recent blog posts, the colour red can do a lot for your home despite the room that you put it in. Red can really work well for a loft conversion depending on the project that you have. One of the most common loft conversions that home owners decide to pursue are for home entertainment rooms and bedrooms. In fact, red is becoming more and more popular for bedrooms because it is one of the only gender-neutral colours within the world. While a colour like blue seems suitable for boys and pink is more suitable for girls, a colour like red is a better option for someone who doesn’t want to specify the room design based on the gender of their children.

Many people decide to colour loft bedrooms that are designed for children in red because they are unaware of what gender their children would be during pregnancy, and they want to see the general design and look of the room after the conversion is completed. They may also decide that red would be the best colour because despite if they have a boy or a girl, they may love how the room looks and once the child is born they decide to keep the room the same. Whether you have a boy or a girl, once the child is within the room they would love the colour either way. This is even more accurate if once again, your child is growing up in a Manchester United household!

Another good use for the colour red is within a basement if you are planning to build a fitness room or something like a boxing room which is becoming increasingly popular for fitness addicts. Many people are starting to build boxing rooms within their basement filled with bags and a ring to practice their own cardio and fitness. Other times, people enjoy training and sparring with friends in the room, and the colour red gives everyone who is taking part of the event a competitive and sporting edge. This is also included when you consider the excitement that many get when they look at the colour red. It provokes a slight adrenaline rush when looking at the colour itself.

There are always little aspects that you may be unaware of that the colour red can give any home and any individual. While the colour red promotes specific feelings within you, this is the same for any colour. Every colour promotes a response within your brain and surrounding yourself in the colour that will promote the energy or vibe that you need or prefer is a good way to put focus on that specific aspect of your life. For example, green and dim yellow is the perfect colour for relaxation. If you are looking to relax or for comfort, then surrounding yourself in those colours is a good way to promote comfort within yourself.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, and if you can please look at some of the other posts I have made recently. Otherwise, make sure to keep checking in with us in the future!

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