The red swimming pool!

One of the most interesting projects that I was able to work on that involved the colour red was building and maintaining a red swimming pool. This is as weird of a project as it may sound when first reading it, but it will make sense within time. There were so many aspects that went into the project itself, such as the feasibility of the project itself and a realistic chance to maintain the swimming pool itself. While it may sound too complex and difficult for a home owner or a builder to create a swimming pool that is always a certain colour while also being safe to use on a day to day basis, we did manage to come up with multiple features and additions that allowed the swimming pool to stay red in terms the water and the landscape itself.

The home owner who wanted the red swimming pool was a player for a Manchester based football team, so it was important to him that the swimming pool and the garden itself matched the theme of the “Red Devils”. This really is as insane as it sounds, and for that reason I am going to give as little detail or information as possible, so you do not know who the home owner is. The home owner is a huge Manchester United fan, and he wanted his kids to grow into Manchester United fans too. While I am not one to judge on what a home owner would like for their own designs, I do understand the thought process of the design itself and I really enjoyed taking part in the process itself. It was enjoyable to complete, and after the swimming pool had been constructed I thought that the project itself was elegant and stylish, since it had the chance to make the swimming pool look like it was a blood bath.

The swimming pool was actually very easy to complete in terms of the red colouring. The stage of construction was to complete the swimming pool by placing red panels within the walls of the pool. The red panels and tiles made sure that the water had given the pool an illusion of red, while also ensuring that the Manchester United crest was painted into the tiles at the bottom of the pool itself. It was visible to all those who were either looking down on the pool, or inside the pool itself. On top of the red tiles and panels, I also placed small but strong red LED lights within the pool, and the lights had also given the impression of the water being a reddish tint. We were also considering adding non-toxic red colouring into the pool itself, but once the water had already been filled into the pool, it gave the water a red look while the lights are on to the point that the colouring was not necessary for the home owner.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post. This is one of the most interesting and unique projects that I have ever worked on and had the chance to take part in. While I am sure that similar projects have been completed throughout the world, this is the first time I have ever seen a similar project and it was the first time I had ever gotten the chance to work on one, so it was enjoyable.

I hope you liked this post, and make sure you read the ones we will be posting later! Also, make sure to read my first post yesterday too!

The Colour Red!

Red is an interesting colour around the world. I have often wondered what meaning there is behind colours. Red is one of the more interesting colours since it is one of the only colours that colour-blind people cannot see. It is also a colour that is considered a sign of horror and bad omen in some places around the world, while being considered a sign of good luck in other parts of the world. Red is also one of the most common colours in the world, and it also has a strange psychological effect on people. These are all things that I plan on making a blog post about in the future. One of the small psychological futures that has been documented within the last few years is how attractive red is as a colour to the eye. I plan on doing a blog post about this specifically, but if someone was to choose a colour out of a selection of options, red would be the prominent and the one that is picked on average before any other colour.

Red is also a prominent colour throughout the world. One of the main examples of how prominent red is as a colour is the film Schindler’s List. When watching the film, the only colour that is prominent throughout the film is the colour red, while everything else being in white and black. The whole film is devoid of colour but when you see the colour red, you know that it is of importance. That is why red furniture is such a stand out in people’s homes. It makes the home feel so much more striking to the eye than any other colour that is available. While it may not be the most attractive colour or the most elegant, it is the most prominent.

There are so many different colours that are available to any home owner when it comes to the design of homes itself. While colours such as brown, white, black and purple are intuitive and make a home look stylish and elegant, red is the colour that makes any piece of furniture stand out. One of the best furniture options for the colour red is a rug. A very prominent red rug makes any room feel much more striking to the eye than any other colour, and your eyes become naturally drawn to this red rug. If you have a very fine timber for your hardwood floor, then the red will only compliment the floor and lead anyone within the home to look at it. This is a small trick that realtors use on potential home buyers because they know the customer will naturally look at whatever piece of furniture or foundation the realtor will want them to look at.

If you use hardwood floors that are created from a rare or beautiful timber, the floor itself is enhanced by the rug. It is such a small detail that so many overlook, but psychologically it is important for any home designer or interior decorator to be aware of when they create a new home or renovate an existing home with a new design. There are so many psychological values what builders and construction companies should be aware of, and I have created this blog to make the industry aware of the effects red can have on homes and designs. I hope you enjoyed todays blog post, and I hope you stick around to see more in the future!